About Us


This is an Establishment aimed at Recruiting, Adjudicating and Representing models in Nigeria in the Fashion and Facial Industry.
We tend to procure a facial (personality) contest in Nigeria tagged “Naija Face model” maiden edition a beauty contest obliging both male and female from Ages of 17-30 that would serve as our brand Ambassador, to sustain our National pride, Patriotism and Citizenship on the platform of promoting Nigeria’s positive black historical beauty in Pageantry, designed to promote our black culture, Heritage and emulating positivity and tend to Reward Nigerians i.e Participants.
Furthermore, our major priority is to give models a platform with which they can leverage on to Achieve their desired goals via contesting, Endorsement, Empowerment on both local and international portfolio Achievement in their career as a model under our reputable Agency.
In conclusion, we tend to make a difference in a world of pageantry that is full of similar concept and different modeling forms.The country has fairly boosted a Nationwide attention and active interest of Nigerians in their millions since Agbani Darego won Miss World.


As a Big and Strong brand, we vision to be the foremost market leading platform celebrating Nigeria’s History and Rewarding Nigerians Facial Black Heritage and beauty.


To conquer the modeling agency in Nigeria and Africa by giving our Models a long term business relationship aimed at fulfilling model’s dream and achieving their desired goals on both local and international level.


For Swift Response on Partnership and Sponsorship. Call 08134735555, 08179294128